About Our Regular Programs

The Mayne Island Community Centre hosts a diverse number of ongoing programs for fitness, health and well-being, education, arts, crafts and more. The listings below describe ongoing, regular programs.

We also host a diverse range of sessions, meetings and events including flu clinics, courses, concerts, craft fairs, dances, fundraising events and AGMs. Schedules for these must be found on our calendar. Please also check our Facebook page for upcoming events and announcements.

If you are interested in holding a program at the Centre, please get in touch through the Contacts and Bookings page. Rates are very reasonable and may present an an economic opportunity for you and a place to share your skills.

Check out the following regular programs: some run year round, others are repeated throughout the year in runs with breaks in between. (Single sessions and special events are not listed here, but can be found on our calendar and Facebook pages. )

Fitness, Health and Well Being

Mindful Somatic Movement is on throughout the year in sessions runs, generally on Friday mornings. Sensory motor amnesia  (SMA) is a term to describe chronically tight muscles that have learned to stay tight due to habitual holding patterns and long term stress in the body. Engaging in this gentle movement we reset the neuromuscular system, releasing tension and stress, establishing new patterns of ease and comfort, greater range of motion, strength and flexibility. Contact certified instructor Donna Williams, 250-539-3693

Nia Experience is a low-impact physical conditioning and systemic movement class that is practiced barefoot to diverse music styles suitable to all ages and body types and that results in body awareness, increased strength, flexibility, mobility, agility and sensed stability. Nia runs year round Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m. Contact Instructor Diane Watson,

Tai Chi is one of our original programs, and has been running since day one! Tai Chi is offered in session runs with small breaks in between, Monday mornings throughout the year, with a break in summer. Contact Dell Maxwell, 250-539-3351

TOPS is a well established support program that runs every Wednesday morning throughout the year at 10 a.m. Contact Karen-Gary Teager:

Yoga sessions are held on Tuesday and/or Friday mornings throughout the year, with small breaks between session runs. Yoga is offered in various levels, including Restorative, Intermediate and Gentle. Contact CYA registered Instructor, Donna Williams, 250-539-3693

Arts and Recreation

Duplicate Bridge is on every Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. Contact Ingrid Marsh,, 250-539-5024

MayneVoices performs routinely on the island and elsewhere, and practices on Wednesday evenings through the year with a break in the summer. Contact Mary Hansen:

Not currently running due to COVID

A Watercolour Painting group meets every Monday afternoon at 1:15 pm for quiet, reflective sessions and support in their chosen genre. Contact Dell Maxwell for information, 250-539-3351