Tennis Club

Tennis Club

Tennis Group Members pay a nominal fee, enjoying games together and take responsibility for the maintenance of the courts.   They also enjoy two organized socials each week during the playing season (balls provided), two seasonal tournaments, a phone list of members, a summer ending social and voting rights on all Tennis affairs. The opportunity to meet other Islanders and have fun and exercise while doing it, priceless.

For information contact Frankie Gowing @ 250-539-5817. Application for membership:

Newsletter: June 18, 2021

Our wonderful community has now been fully vaccinated and travel restrictions are being lifted. Summer life on Mayne Island is gradually returning to pre-pandemic conditions. As mentioned in last month’s article, June was an extremely busy month at the Community Centre Tennis Facility. Our Annual General Meeting was conducted outside on the courts and a full slate of executive members was elected for the new season. Those dedicated, hard working individuals are: Sharon Bunnin, Bob Wilband, Judy Wolfe, Adrian Gowing, Bernie Peets, Bruce Roberts, and Carol Ashwell. Congratulations to them all and here’s to another exciting, active year of tennis and social get togethers. The most anticipated activity of our summer tennis week was always our Friday evening barbecues. After missing out on this important social component last year we are firing up the grill once again! It’s a wonderful feeling. 

In June, 16 hard working volunteers participated in 4 shifts to give our courts their annual cleaning. Each power washing crew put in three hours and by the end of the second day our facility was back to its glorious self. Without the involvement and commitment of the association’s members our facility could not maintain the high standard it currently enjoys.  Due to the pandemic restrictions of last year we were not able to hold any community fund raisers. Each year we put monies aside in preparation for court resurfacing. It’s an expensive operation and requires years of effort and hard work. The exciting news is this month we are kicking off our new fund raiser which is entitled: The Great Mayne Island Tennis Ball Drop! Association members will be out and about selling tennis balls. Yes, tennis balls! Each ball you purchase will be given a number and at the end of the month all those numbered balls will be dropped, from a safe height, onto one of the tennis courts. Before the big drop 3 markers will be placed in different spots on the court. Each marker will be of a different monetary value. You could win $660, $300, or $100! The numbered ball closest to a marker will win the posted amount. Balls will be offered at $10 each or 3 for $25. Find a tennis member and get in on the fun and possibly win some money! For further information please call or email me at 250-539-5817 or As our 2021 season reaches its mid-point we are offering a discount to any new members starting July 1st. We will take $25 off an individual (normally $50) or family (normally $75) membership. Come on board and take advantage of this one time offer.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the Mayne Island Tennis Association’s focus is to provide a quality facility for use by the community and visitors alike. While the membership does schedule a small amount of weekly time for organized play, the greater majority of  court time is made available to the public for tennis play. This has always been our primary goal and over the years has provided a valuable asset to the community. Please check the tennis bulletin board for specific scheduled times and feel free to use and enjoy the Community Centre Tennis Facility. Hope to see you on the courts!

Adrian Gowing

Weekly Scheduled Members Times:

Women’s Doubles – Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 11 A.M.

Men’s Doubles – Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 A.M.

Mixed Doubles – Friday from 3 to 5 P.M. and Sunday from 9 to 11 A.M.

Tennis Tip:  The world’s best players have spent years getting to where they are. Starting at an early age and with help from some of the best coaches. You may play well one week and then appallingly the next for no apparent reason. Don’t get down hearted by this – it’s normal! Just keep playing and your game will eventually sort itself out.

See you on the courts!