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All classes are at the Mayne Island Community Centre and led by, certified yoga instructor, Donna Williams.

To register or for information call 250-539-3693.

Printable Information Sheet for Autumn Yoga


Donna WilliamsDonna has been a practitioner of Yoga and Vipassana meditation since the mid 1990's.  She completed the Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2009, and continues to explore the path of yoga, primarily with Yoga Elder Sama Fabian.

Drawing from these complementary traditions she offers a gentle teaching style infused with mindfulness, encouraging each student to develop their own sadhana [practice] She believes we meet our true teacher as we mindfully and honestly face ourselves in all of life both on and off the mat. Donna is interested in the non “doing” of yoga, dropping deep into a place where we infuse the physical with awareness, paying attention to what is needed in the moment, creating spaciousness as we prepare the mind, body and breath so that “Yoga” may grace us