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A Brief History

Starting Out -- 1994

The Mayne Island Community Centre Society was incorporated as a non-profit society on July 6 th, 1994, with a constitutional mandate to first acquire a site, then build and operate a Community Centre. MICCS evolved from an earlier group, the Mayne Community Association, whose original purpose was to create senior’s housing and a community centre. When the MCA decided to focus exclusively on the senior’s housing mandate, MICCS was formed to carry on with the community centre project. Amid strong indications from the community that it did not favor another burden on its property taxes, the Society set out to forward its goal with as much locally donated funds as possible. Many generous donations large and small from Mayne Islanders have been the driving force in creating our Community Centre. In the event, however, the project has benefited from significant capital contributions from the Government of British Columbia, and the CRD (Capital Regional District).

Land Ho!

In the next few years, the Society considered several possible sites, most having size or location limitations. In 1998, Mr. Charlie Kim donated a five-acre site with good southern exposure for a community centre in the civic core of the Island as part of a development proposal for a large tract of land. Acquisition of the site on Felix Jack Road accelerated ongoing fundraising activities and helped focus financial planning.

Things Fall into Place

During the same time period, a design committee, working with Irving/Pitcher Architects of Mayne Island, explored many building options, with various Island organizations as possible partners and tenants. The design exploration phase continued until the Society received a $100,000 Provincial Community Partners Grant in 2002, at which point we decided to embark on Phase 1 of an eventually much larger centre. The idea was to begin with an infrastructure-heavy core structure that would add useful meeting and activity space into the community, and expand with Phase 2’s auditorium and stage facilities when funds became available.

Doors Open - 2003

The Mayne Island Community Centre had its Grand Opening on June 21 st, 2003 (see Photos: Grand Opening). This event was a long-awaited celebration of the foresight, determination, generosity, talent, and hard work by members of the community.

Since the Community Centre opened to the public, the Directors of the Society have undertaken several physical improvement projects, such as: a lighting system in the parking areas, gravelling in parking areas, a rainwater roof-catchment and storage system, full catering functionality, and a Community Garden, among others. Along with these improvements to the facility, there has been a steady growth in programs and activities, both in quantity and quality. If you are interested in enriching the schedule of events and activities, please contact MICCS.

Financial Security

In 2003, the Society created an Endowment Fund with gifts from some very generous donors. The Endowment Fund may only be used for maintenance and operating costs, and not capital costs. This helps to keep user fees as low as possible.

And Roll Call – For the Record

Just for the information of the community at large, and by way of acknowledging the talent, commitment, and industry of those Mayne Islanders who have helped to guide the creation and development of the Mayne Island Community Centre, the following is a list of people who have served as Directors of the Society since its inception in 1994:
Sheila Bakaway, Paula Buchholz, Al Bullis, Debbie DeRousie, Brian Crumblehulme, Jim Deverill, Alan Guy, Greg Harmon, Patrick Hennebery, Pat Huhn, Joyce Kalweit, David Lindquist, Elma Maund, Carol McAndrew, Stuart McKean, May McKenzie, Glen McLeod, Lise McLeod, Sue Miyazaki, Kathy Moore, Carol Munro, Gail Noonan, Rosemary Pelly, Angela Pike, Carol Peets, Jon Sanders, Les Scearce, Vicki Turay, Vania Williams, and Elaine Woodland.

The current Board of Directors, elected at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, consists of:

Jon Sanders


Nigel Barrett


Greg Harmon

415-717-4140  cell

Dave Rea


Ron Weeks



Future History

A major project for the Society in the future will be the completion of Phase 2 – an auditorium and stage facility, possibly incorporating sports functionality. Concept plans and elevations can be found elsewhere on this site. Phase 2 will require a major fundraising effort. The Board would be happy to hear from anyone with ideas or expertise in this area.

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