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The Big Idea

 Big eyes and a small purse were the initial conditions for the Society in the early '90s. We knew that our growing community was ready for a new, larger and more modernly equipped facility, but resources were limited.

So, we decided to proceed in stages, trusting to the laws of momentum and enthusiasm to get us headed in the right direction. A dream became a scheme became a plan became a fundraising effort became Phase 1 of the Mayne Island Community Centre.

Taken in Stages

The design strategy was to create the basic infrastructure of the Centre, and start building as much as we could handle at the time. What is presently called the Main Room will eventually serve as the lobby/reception area, connecting via two sets of double doors to the Auditorium, which will be dividable by folding partition, allowing for two simultaneous activities in the space.

Making Something Useful

As originally envisioned, the Auditorium should accommodate banquet seating for 200. A fold-away tiered theatrical seating system would give good viewing lines to the full stage, and stow against the back wall when clear floor space is needed. Backstage facilities would comprise a green room, piano storage and rehearsal room, and a large workspace suitable for theatrical set construction, art workshops and other programs. Construction is not cheap; it is likely that these spaces will need to be configured for multiple usages in order to get the greatest functionality for the available budget.

With a Little Wrist Action…

The Mayne Island Tennis Club is currently fundraising for new courts to be located in the western forward corner of the property. Should add an enjoyably kinetic presence to the bucolic setting!

Passed On with Best Wishes

In summation, the Community Centre was begun on a shoestring, grown to its present size, and conceived to be expandable, with future-flexible configuration options aplenty for the next hundred years -- five beautiful acres and a fine future ahead of us.


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